Fertility Preservation

Via Sperm and Egg Bank

We understand that some of our patients have the desire to save a sperm sample in case it is needed in the future. Other male patients may know that they have low sperm counts or low motility. If this is the case, we can save a significant amount of sperm in our Cryo-Bank. This gives the couple the added sense of security that there is a possibility to conceive a child with their own genetic information, ensuring that their lineage is conserved.

Women may also decide to save their eggs for various reasons. More and more, women are becoming independent, and as such, get married at a later age.  Statistics tell us, that as women age, the possibility of becoming pregnant decreases.  We refer to that as an inverse relationship. Our female patients can have the tranquility of having their eggs extracted just as in the IVF protocol.

Once the eggs are extracted, instead of placing them in the incubator, we place them in our Cryo-Bank. Here, they will be safe and ready to be prepared for the moment you are ready.